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Google is great to find things for the search terms you enter. But what if you want to explore beyond the search terms you already know?

Twitter and LinkedIn let you explore new things. But they only let you explore from creators you know. And once their tweets and posts age, you are less likely to discover them.

TikTok lets you explore from a variety of creators. But its designed to keep you on the platform rather than to deep dive into a topic.

Medium lets you explore deeper. But its posts need to be on Medium, taking away possibilities for creators to present a topic to you in the most effective way.

With this new format, I address these problems.

This is a curated and timeless collection of software resources. You can browse them with the ease of TikTok. You can go deeper like posts on Medium.

Each post is a standalone valuable piece of information. It provides a link to a deep post in the world-wide web to dig deeper. In contrast to plain links, short posts provide value without requiring visiting the link. Multiple short posts might point to the same link, providing different pieces of information.

Current state

This is currently a concept.

The posts are created and curated by a single maintainer (me). It is not saved which posts you have viewed. Each visit you see the same posts.

Future state

With a growing number of posts, there might be tags to easierly find posts that are relevant to you. View counts might be used to prioritize some posts over others. You might be able to create custom collections and share them. Creation of posts might be opened up for more selected contributors or everyone.